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It's a cast to make even Cecil B. DeMille's hormones bubble. Twelve (plus new Arkmate Jezebel) biblical saints and sinners rubbing shoulders on the world's most famous floating zoo. And they're being played by 12 real people in front of their computer screens in Britain, the US and Canada. Here's the rundown of our cast – click the links to see their individual homepages and diaries.
Esther   Esther: she's got a healthy love of nature and is keen to figure out how Noah kept all the creepy-crawly things in one place... homepage | diary
Eve   Eve: the Ark's Antediluvian Angel, Eve hopes to bring a fair amount of naked elemental passion into the Ark's line-up... homepage | diary
Jezebel   Jezebel: the Bible's original bad girl, Jezebel isn't the type to suffer fools gladly. She's just happy to make them suffer... homepage | diary
Job   Job: he's a nice chap. A good chap. A virtuous chap. He really is. Is it his fault that things just never seem to go his way?... homepage | diary
John the Baptist   John the Baptist: possessed of appalling dress sense, dubious social skills and a epic case of locust breath, he's still kinda loveable... homepage | diary
Joseph   Joseph: he's under no illusions about his charms, describing himself as likeable, charismatic, tactless and egocentric... homepage | diary
Martha   Martha: she's determined to prove that she's not just the practical type. She's a mine of fascinating gossip, she'll have you know... homepage | diary
Mary Magdalene   Mary: our reformed Bad Girl is looking forward to setting the record straight about that demon-possession slur and her party girl image... homepage | diary
Moses   Moses: is keen to check out if an Ark is really necessary after he's parted the sea. Will he also work miracles on the washing up?... homepage | diary
Nebuchadnezzar   Nebuchadnezzar: the King of Babylon is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. And he plans staying on the Ark to the end... homepage | diary
Paul   Paul: he's travelled all over the world. He's been shipwrecked three times. But can he hold his food down in a storm?... homepage | diary
Samson   Samson: Muscular, bombastic, hirsute and not overly bright, Samson's already the firm favourite of many of the ladies... homepage | diary
Simon Peter   Simon Peter: never afraid to let piddling things like embarrassment get in his way, Simon speaks exactly what's on his mind... homepage | diary
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*Samson not drawn to scale