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Job's a nice chap. A good chap. A virtuous chap. He really is. Is it his fault that things just never seem to go his way? Job's not unable to manage a household, so the Ark shouldn't be a problem for him... unless the others throttle him to stop his incessant whinging...
Looking for news stories about Job's trials and tribs on the Ark? Click the headlines below. Meanwhile, follow Job's diary during the voyage, post some fan mail and look at the questionnaire he reluctantly completed before going up the gangplank. Also here is his original story from the Good Book, plus the books etc. where he plays a starring role.

Post-plank interview with Job
Post-plank interview with Job
After a teary farewell on the plank, Job's alter ego, David Fletcher, checked into Ark Chat for a post-plank interview. >>>
Job takes the plunge! Arkmates devastated!
Job takes the plunge! Arkmates devastated!
Job walked the plank after receiving 56 percent of the public vote. But how have the other arkmates reacted to his sudden departure? >>>
Job walks the plank and is Job walks the plank and is "unmasked"
Job became the first arkmate to walk the plank tonight, departing in style with a fine dive into the waters. We can now reveal the person who played him. >>>
Simon preaches, Job prays...
Simon preaches, Job prays...
After a delayed start due to rowdy Bible characters, Sunday night's divine service including preaching, hair washing and a walk round the ship. >>>
God does His Crows' Nest thing
God does His Crows' Nest thing
God is holding personal audiences with our Divine Dozen in the Crow's nest. True to form, He's pulling them in two by two, starting with Job and Martha. >>>
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