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Joseph's under no illusions about his charms, describing himself as interesting, likeable, charismatic, tactless, egocentric and intensely annoying. One of the best-dressed contestants, Joseph is particularly looking forward to living with Esther, the one Arkmate who will, he feels, truly appreciate him. He anticipates long chats deep into the night. Watch this space...
Looking for news stories about Josephs's tantrums and tiaras onboard the Ark? Click the headlines below. Meanwhile, follow Joseph's diary during the voyage, post some fan mail and look at the questionnaire he filled in before swanning up the gangplank. Also here is his original story from the Good Book, plus the books etc. where he plays a spotlight-hogging role.

Joseph raptured! Vote on his replacement!
Joseph raptured! Vote on his replacement!
In a surprise twist, God revealed to the Arkmates last night that Joseph has been removed from the Ark, in order to pursue active opportunities elsewhere. >>>
Samson spaces out
Samson spaces out
Joseph may have gone, but he's left his mark on our floating home-from-home. Witness Samson's recent diary entry. >>>
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