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   Moses | Diary
During the 40 days and 40 nights of the Ark's voyage, our 12 crew members will be recording their thoughts and feelings about their Arkmates, the tasks and crises they'll be facing, and the dreadful prospect of walking the plank before the Ark reaches Mt Ararat. For Moses' Diary, read on... and click the "comments" links to add your own comments to any of his diary entries.
May 12, 16:07
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Final thoughts...May 10, 18:05
Well - this could be it. My last day on the ark. I hope I get to meet the animals before i go!

Im still not too sure why people want me to leave, but still - its been a good journey so far. Ive enjoyed getting to know other people that God's used throughout the centries. In particular its been exciting to get to know more about this Jesus chap. I thought Id just record some, possibly final, thoughts on the journey...

SP - is brilliant! He's been a great buddy. If this trip had been just to meet him its been worth it. Hes such a genuine chap, truly loves God, and well - great fun! I hope he makes it to the end!

LAte nights in the bar with John. Most definately an intrical part of the time on the ark. Ive certainly enjoyed the on-board entertainment he's provided. I do still worry about his sanity though....

Job introduced me to the delights of alcohol and Im missing him already. The night I was 'legless' after my first taste of the demon drink can not be forgotten... luckily alcohol doesnt seem to have had the same effect since!

Now Paul is someone i still havent got the hang of. Hes insulted me since the start, rejecting my whole part in Gods story!! However, I expect under his rude, imposing nature he has some useful things to say.

I think most people were expecting me to be abit more bossy and scary than I am IRL. I guess from the stories along it does look that way - but htey dont know the quiet times when I wondered where God was leading us - the arguments I had with people just wanting to know when would the journey end. God is faithful though. Also, it wasnt really 'me' that was that scary hey. I spoke when God told me too.... and at times I too had some of his righteous anger. Boy it was great chatting with God in those times. Kinda scary too - but to be with God, theres nothing better! I like to think Im an aproachable person. I guess I see myself as an intermediary between God and his people, so I like to feel I can talk to both. I guess on this journey, with God so accesable, there hasnt been the same need for an intermediary!

O well - goodnight diary, maybe for the last time......


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