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   Job takes the plunge! Arkmates devastated!
Job faces the plank

Day 11

After what seemed like an eternity, Gabriel revealed that final result of this week's poll, with 56 percent of the vote, meant that the first arkmate to walk the plank is... Job. But how have the other arkmates reacted?

Esther wasn't enormously pleased. She confided to her diary: "I have to say that I was completely shocked that it was Job. I prayed so hard that it would be Simon. I've decided to boycott the bar for a few days, in protest. Also, it reminds me of Job, and all the great drinks he made us."

Jezebel couldn't help feeling a little disappointed at what might have been, while Sensitive Samson found himself strangely moved: "When the next one goes... if it's not me... perhaps I ought to sort of self-hypnotize myself into a stupor so I won't feel it so much."

Simon, meanwhile, the other nominee for the plank, experienced feelings of remorse. "I've been such an a**e," he said, in his inimitable manner, "I should be the one that's walking."

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