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   Post-plank interview with Job
Job and David

Day 11

After a teary farewell on the plank, Job's alter ego, David Fletcher, checked into Ark Chat for a post-plank interview on Day 11, fuelled by questions from chatsters. Putting those questions, plus a few of his own, was Ancient Mariner, co-editor of Ship of Fools. If you missed the interview, read on...

Ancient Mariner: You're the first to be voted off the Ark, Job. Do you feel philosophical like Job – or more emotional like Simon Peter?

Job: Philosophical, naturally... bad news comes easily to me. "How oft when men are at the point of death have they been merry" (Romeo and Juliet).

Ancient Mariner: But as David?

Job: Oh, you mean I can be myself again?

Ancient Mariner: Yep...

Job: Still philosophical... and looking forward to a normal supper hour again!

Ancient Mariner: You wrote in your diary: "I went out on the upper deck to count the stars – the Almighty recommends it as therapy. Naturally it was it was overcast." This was a nicely ironic "Job-ism". How difficult was it to become Job?

Job: Pretty easy... but in real life I'm much more like Simon Peter (although not quite as gross during a sermon).

Ancient Mariner: Did you find yourself thinking a lot about Job in your daily life?

Job: I read the story again a bunch of times and practising being philosophical about the little things in life. The real lesson is that life is like the Bible...the sinner thrives, and the saint walks the plank.

Ancient Mariner: Jelli asks did you feel like you were just playing Job or did the character take over?

Job: Jelli... once you start in the character it starts to shape itself. When I read my initial fan piece and diary entries I see where the changes have happened.

Ancient Mariner: You have a nine-year-old daughter. What did she think of your double life as an Old Testament legend?

Job: She's standing right beside me... heartbroken that I have to leave the Ark. But she liked my character. She thought I showed a lot of respect for God and Gabe... and even Neb.

Ancient Mariner: You took to being a barman like a duck to water. Is serving people something that comes naturally to you IRL?

Job: LOL...perhaps that I spend a lot of time in bars, you mean? I just wanted to be useful. And have a legacy.

Ancient Mariner: Serving communion wine?

Job: There are eucharistic ministers to do that part... sharing is good.

Ancient Mariner: Chorister asks: were you scared when you jumped?

Job: Well, Chorister, once Gabe says "follow me," there isn't really much choice in the matter.

Ancient Mariner: How do you think Job might have changed if he had stayed on till the end?

Job: I think there would have been a row with Neb. Simon has certainly sobered up some, and I think he and I would have gotten along very well. Esther was starting to blossom.

Ancient Mariner: Monkeyhead asks: Did you have plans to flesh out your character with romantic involvement?

Job: There was some thought of a quickie with Jezebel, but nothing was really happening.

Ancient Mariner: You never got a date with her. You said: "A tattooed woman is an interesting addition, and will doubtless make me rethink some stereotypes that I have." Is that Job speaking or David Fletcher?

Job: I have known some tattooed women in my real life... and would never dare to stereotype based on skin art. (Well, it depends on the picture. Or text.)

Ancient Mariner: Did you choose to play Job in the first place?

Job: I did... I auditioned for that position figuring there'd be little interest. I also wanted to have a character who didn't have to proselytise.

Ancient Mariner: If asked to preach a sermon on being Job on The Ark, what spiritually significant point would you make?

Job: Fortunately, I'm not preaching this Sunday, so I have a week to think about that one... my first thought would be: make yourself useful and keep talking to God, then it doesn't really matter if you walk the plank.

Ancient Mariner: You got a lot of sympathy from your arkmates when nominated for the plank but you say in your diaries, "sympathy is a lousy substitute for love." That's pretty profound...

Job: That's David speaking. Been there, done that. Have the divorce papers to prove it.

Ancient Mariner: Go on...

Job: A lot of folks, myself included, misunderstand people feeling sorry for you as genuine love, or can't see that pity is not the positive emotion that love is.

Ancient Mariner: Has this influenced your approach to the character?

Job: No more than other things in my life... I'm middle aged, both parents have died recently, the family is getting smaller and I'm getting older. But if you get hung up on the bad stuff, you're just a pain in everybody else's ass.

Ancient Mariner: But you've a lovely daughter...

Job: Exactly... and a girlfriend who is a delight.

Ancient Mariner: Who do you think will be the next to walk the plank?

Job: My choice would be Neb, but I suspect it will be one of the less effective characters, probably Eve or Mary Mag. And if Samson keeps writing pages in his diary he might get planked just to shut him up.

Ancient Mariner: Why are Eve and Mary Mag less effective?

Job: They don't really engage in conversation very much, and while I appreciate that some of it may be technical difficulties, there is some obligation to be interactive. Boring is a mortal sin on the Ark.

Ancient Mariner: OK, we've had a good chat. Now it's time for more questions from the audience...

Monkeyhead: What would have been Job's angle of approach if the proselytisers got too rabid?

Job: Monkey... I think he would have spent a lot of time in the crow's nest.

Monkeyhead: Communing? Complaining?

Job: A bit of both, monkey. Railing at me, either in real life or in character, doesn't impress me.

Icarus Coot: What was your favourite bit of graphical "eye candy" in the Ark?

Job: Eve was the surprise... great outfit. And the "bitch" tattoo on Jez was a nice touch. I'm glad I didn't have to go through 40 days in yellow dungarees!

Clare: when you applied – did you have any idea what you were getting into?

Job: Not really, Clare...I just wanted to have some fun.

Joyfulsoul: Job, Who is your fav. character?

Job: Esther... most personality, likes herself, that level of confidence is very attractive. My fav. character? Job, of course, next to God.

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