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   Simon Peter sees ghostly angel
Simon Peter's vision

Day 30

Simon Peter today confused and shocked the arkmates with his strange behaviour, as he claimed to be followed around by an angel only he could see (see artist's impression above).

Pointing out the spectral vision, the increasingly frantic Simon found that none of the others could see the grubby phantom. Paul found this behaviour a little unsettling: "Simon, LIE DOWN. You're making me extremely nervous," said the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Despite Simon's appeals, Paul was unmoved, saying that he did see visions, "but not angels that need a bath!"

Having said that, Paul was not surprised that there might have been an angel in the room: "Yes, he's always watching us. We just can't see him unless he wants us to – he's an angel, after all," shrugged Paul, "Our own little guardian angel, pushing us one by one off the plank."

Judging by the way Simon was running around and screaming, the selectively invisible angel seemed to enjoy chasing Simon around and spooking him, even to the point that Simon resorted to cowering behind a confused Samson [isn't this a tautology – Ed.]. Eventually, however, Simon decided that the manifestations were best ignored.

Is Simon going potty? Will he continue to see things? Will the others take him seriously, or lock him in a crate in the hold for his own safety? The only way to find out is to stay tuned, same Ark Time, same Ark Channel!

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*Samson not drawn to scale