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   Simon loses his sea legs
Simon in the bogs

Day 26

Simon Peter, in a truly uncharacteristic turn of events, found himself ready to talk to God on the great white telephone tonight, as he found himself being sick in the showers because he couldn't make it to the loos.

Hovering near the door while the final nominations were declared by a slightly ratty Ark Angel, Simon revealed that he was feeling really rather ill, and has been for some time. "I've been laid up in bed for the last three days!", groaned the fishy one, as he leaned pathetically on a doorpost.

Fortunately, Simon managed to hold it in just long enough to hear the announcement and then make it outside.

Will Simon recover? Will the others be infected? Is the ocean going to face some unexpected over-the-side pollution? And, more importantly, is he going to clear up after himself? Stay tuned.

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