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   Simon Peter on the rocks
Hearing the news

Day 9

The revelation that he is one of the first potential plank walkers has knocked Simon Peter for six.

In a frank and angry piece written in his diary shortly after the news broke, Simon reveals his rage at being picked and his suspicion that it was John the Baptist who cast the deciding vote.

"After a rock-solid sermon rich with metaphor, after a great bonding session round the piano in the bar, after exchanging anecdotes about the Twelve, after yesterday's rebuke and reconciliation... He's turned on me!"

Ironically, what Simon doesn't know is that John didn't vote for him at all, instead nominating Job and Moses ("I find his manna a bit odd"). While he does express some sympathy for his fellow nominee Job – "He's a top bloke, not to mention a great barman, and he's been through it" – we suspect that things may get strained between Simon and the others in the next few days.

Job is at present unavailable for comment.

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