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Jezebel Despite the famous queen's notoriety, the Jezebel brand is not doing all that well in the modern world. However, here's a list of her few celebrity appearances, plus some of the books and websites about her – together with handy links so you can go searching and shopping.
Celebrity Appearences

Jezebel's moment of cinematic glory was the 1953 film Sins of Jezebel, with Paulette Goddard in the starring role. She makes a rather more cultured contribution to Mendelsohn's "Elijah".

Jezebel is also centre stage in an 11th century Norman Latin poem, where she is a flamboyant and vulgar queen. She also puts in an appearance in the song "Jezebel" by Sade: "Jezebel, what a belle, looks like a princess in her new dress..."


Music in the Old Bones: Jezebel Through the Ages Janet Howe Gaines
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Queen Jezebel
Jean Paidy
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Jezebel Spirit
F. Frangipane
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Mendelssohn's Elijah
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