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   Love is in the air. And in the pool. And on the sunloungers.
Jezebel chats with Job

Day 8

Jezebel appeared on the Ark this evening in a provocative and revealing little number, setting pulses racing. Job was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the first to go outside and say hi, while Paul got straight down to brass tacks: "Hello, Queen Jezebel. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour? If not, I've got first dibs on pitching him to you."

Jezebel's appearance on the Ark coincided with a poolside party, as, finally, the Arkmates' prayers were answered and the pool filled up. Hallelujahs came from Paul, while John the Baptist saw whole new full-immersion vistas open up before him: "I didn't dare hope for this."

The party atmosphere seems to have inflamed some of the already simmering sexual tension on the Ark. Paul's feelings for Esther were barely restrained ("Esther, I've got to tell you... your dress looks even better when wet") and Samson continued to agonise over his growing affection for Martha, turning to Mary M for solace.

Meanwhile, Jezebel wasted no time in hooking up with Job, who rose to the challenge admirably: "Anyone ever tell you you've got Bette Davis' eyes?" crooned the scabrous one, "like in the film Jezebel (1939)?"

Will any of our unrequited lovers get themselves requited? Will Samson and Martha share the feelings they both have? And is Job just trying too hard? Want to find out more? You know what to do.

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