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  The 13th Arkmate is... Jezebel!
Jezebel wins

Day 7

Jezebel, the colourful wife of King Ahab of Israel, was voted into the Ark tonight with a convincing win of 59 per cent in an audience poll. Her rival for the spare berth onboard was Jonah, who polled 41 per cent. The vote was held after Joseph unexpectedly left the Ark on Friday night.

The Arkmates greeted the news with mixed emotions – after one week afloat, a new crew member might find it hard to break into the group feeling that has already formed.

Several of them would have preferred Jonah to be taking up Joseph's vacated bed and had strong things to say about Jezebel being onboard.

Moses, writing in his diary earlier today, said: "She has such a reputation, and I wouldn't want my fellow shipmates to be tempted to sin." Samson has also been worrying that he might be distracted by the sexy queen: "I find way too much interest in Mrs Ahab stirring within my... Center of Interest."

Meanwhile, two Arkmates have been more enthusiastic about Jezebel. "I'm partial to Jezebel, seeing as how the viewing public have overwhelmingly voted that a date with Jezebel would cheer me up," noted the normally grumpy Job. And this, from Esther, herself a queen: "I have to say that another queen would be nice, if she wasn't inclined to kill so many people."

Jezebel boards the Ark during Monday night's show.

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