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Moses is no stranger to the spotlight. Here's a list of his celebrity appearances, plus some of the best books, movies and websites about him – together with handy links so you can go searching and shopping.
Celebrity Appearances

"The Apocalypse of Moses", written in the 4th century AD, takes its name from Moses, of course, but in fact it's the story of Adam and Eve and doesn't feature Moses at all.

Val Kilmer played the lead in The Prince of Egypt, the Moses cartoon produced by Dreamworks. He also did God's voice, so in the burning bush scene he's talking to himself. The most famous 20th century version of Moses was by Charlton Heston, who played our hero in Cecil B. DeMille's epic The Ten Commandments.


Moses and Monotheism
Sigmund Freud
Order from the UK or US

Moses and Akhenaten
Ahmed Osman
Order from the UK or US

Torah: The Five Books of Moses
Moshe Greenberg
Order from the UK or US

The Moses Legacy
Graham Phillips
Order from the UK only


The Ten Commandaments (1956)
Director: Cecil B. De Mille
Order from the UK or US

Prince of Egypt (1998)
Director: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner
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