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Matithu ()

just in relation to your son's. Cain, where is he now? Wasn't he cursed to wander the earth forever?

22/04/03 10:00 am

Wanderer (http://)

Eve dear - based on your deep thoughts about the nature of evil, would you like to buy this lovely poster? It's called "Footprints" and not many people have seen it . . . .

22/04/03 6:51 am

wesley (http://)

Eve Babe
Don't start putting Mary down. If anyone made a mistake then its you although I think you got a rough trot. I encourage you to sin no more and make the best of the voyage . I'd start budying up with Sam(Samson) and Chad(NebuCHAD...) if I were you co you women will need some strength in the days to come!

22/04/03 6:12 am

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