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   Eve's birthday party (no apples, please)

Day 8

Eve's birthday was celebrated in fine style with a divine and wholly disembodied rendition of "Happy Birthday".

Later, God invited Eve to the Crow's Nest. Despite a brief interruption from Jezebel, Eve was able to ask God a question that people have asked through the ages: "I think I would have asked you if we could have had a conversation about *why* I was not supposed to eat the apple."

This appears to have irritated the Almighty somewhat: "So 'I said so' is good enough for humans, but the Almighty Creator has to provide a reason? That's starting to annoy me."

God also revealed that sometimes having people disagree with the Almighty doesn't always please Him/Her: "Every now and then it's just like, SHUT UP for FIVE SECONDS please."

God, being a Just and Benevolent Creator, didn't stay tetchy for long, commanding Eve to go enjoy her birthday, and even telling Eve: "If I were corporeal, I'd hug you back."

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