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We approached Esther with the Ark questionnaire and asked her to tell us about her favourite books, her favourite music, her favourite eunuch... Here's what she told us.
Full name:
Hadasah is my Jewish name, Esther is what most people call me.

Like to be known as:

No proper Queen would ever reveal that publicly!

What are three essential aspects of your perfect day?
The Jews are unpersecuted; my husband isn't upset with me; the sun is shining on our little citadel of Susa.

What are your favorite topics of conversation?
New beauty treatments; the upcoming banquet or celebration at the palace; and how to help the next unfortunate people group.

What books would you bring into the Ark?
The chronicles of my husband's reign (a little habit I picked up from him, it helps me sleep!).

How about music?
Well, I'd probably bring my favorite palace musicians, but they might be a little hard to pack...

What extra items are you trying to smuggle into your Ark suitcase?
Definitely Hegai, the king's Eunuch and my beautician. I'm sure I could stuff him in there somehow.

What are your best qualities?
I can get along with most anyone; I can be brave when needed; and you can count on me in a crisis.

And your worst habits?
Charging into places I shouldn't be; persistence bordering on stubbornness; lack of mercy for evil people.

List your favorite books in the Bible.
Well, my story isn't too bad, but my sister Ruth in the old testament is also one of my favorites, and then the Proverbs are always full of wisdom that I find most useful.

Share with us your top tips for living.
Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the costs. Also, life is yours for the taking... if you take some risks. And finally, if life isn't a good seven-course banquet, you're missing something.

And finally – which do you prefer: cats or dogs?
Cats are more my style: independent, agile, and cuddly at times.

The Ark © 2003
*Samson not drawn to scale