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   Plank nominations: another four-way tie!
the four

Day 32

Once again the Arkmates have nominated no less than four people to go forward for the public vote to see who's going to walk the plank, meaning that this time, there are more people up for the plank than there are people who aren't!

In a three-way tie, Samson, John and Esther each got two votes each. Esther, nominated for the third time now, got votes from Martha ("I just haven't been able to connect with her") and Paul, who expected Esther to vote for him, and just wanted to "spread the love around".

Paul was right - Esther did vote for him: "I have never really befirended Paul and I don't think it's going to happen." Paul also got votes from Samson, John the Baptist ("We can manage without him because we have his letters to keep us going") and Jezebel: "He keeps jumping on the beds and I can't sleep."

Esther also voted for Samson "because I'm secretly in love with him and his love for Martha makes me jealous..." However, unable to say this with a straight face, Esther was prodded by God for the real reason... which she didn't actually have. Jezebel voted for Samson because "his fetish for nipples and tights is a bit overwhelming."

John the Baptist got Martha's vote: "lately he seems to have gone a bit insane," she said.

Who of our Four potential plankees will go and meet the fishes? You decide. The vote closes at 9.30pm tonight. Vote here!

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