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   Maggie and Esther face the briny deep
Announcing the nominations

Day 26

Tonight's nominations for the plank brought shocks for some, as Esther and Mary Magdalene both face the very real possibility of getting very wet indeed for a second time.

Samson nominated Maggie because "like me, she seems bewildered on this Ark," while John nominated Maggie because "her ferret needs urgent medical attention."

Esther, meanwhile, received nominations from Paul ("I am WAY too distracted. Did you see Sam massaging her? Oy vey!") and Samson. Ironically, Maggie and Esther nominated each other for precisely the same reason - they have nothing in common.

Well, girls, you have something in common now. Vote here for the one you want to see walk the plank!

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*Samson not drawn to scale