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Moses in the Crow's Nest

Friday 25 April

Yesterday, it was Esther's turn in the Crow's nest.

After a discussion about why God doesn't get a mention in her book (Esther: "We don't ALWAYS have to speak your name to reflect your glory, yes? In fact, when we do use your name, we usually muck it up!"), which included Esther offering effusive thanks to the Lord for all the good things he'd given her (God: "You have the Me-given ability to lay it on with a trowel"), God got bored and told Esther to go away.

Esther's day didn't get any better. After joining in the Ark competition against her better judgement, she then faced the attentions of frisky apostle Simon Peter. "Simon cannot keep his calloused, fishy hands away from me," she later confided. She rebutted his attempt at "fishing", only to be met with the classic sexist statement: "It's that time of the month, is it?"

Esther's response came short of physical violence. But only just. Mary and John held her back.

She was still fuming at God and Peter when she came to write her diary entry – read it here.

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