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   Neb dates Martha, Samson "not happy"
Romantic supper

Day 23

Neb claimed his prize for winning the Ark's chat-up line contest yesterday – a dinner date with Esther – only to find that Esther was "indisposed". Gabriel came to the rescue with Plan B: Neb got Jezebel instead.

However, Plan B was rejected by both Jezebel and Neb, who still reckons Jezebel gives "pagans a bad name". "Can't I choose?" whined the King in a less- than-imperial manner. Gabe caved to the moaning monarch, allowing him to choose whoever he wanted. Neb chose... Martha.

Over a candlelit dinner table, Martha and Neb began an intimate conversation – or tried to, over the "romantic" music being cranked out by the radio and a brief attempt by Paul and Simon Peter to serenade them the Carpenters' classic, "Close to You". Over interruptions, Neb and Martha talked about Jesus, responsibility, and sheep (read the conversation here: select "Dining Room" and "13/5/2003" and then click "Read it").

Samson, Martha's erstwhile almost-fiance, only discvered what was going on with his crush and the Mespotamian Megalomaniac towards the end of the evening. Samson's rage was left unresolved at the end of the evening, and in his diary the Strong and Hirsute One suggests that he might do something rash quite soon.

"I think I'm going to have a little TALK with Martha and Neb tomorrow... just a little TALK with Nebby. Perhaps out by the Dove where I've christened the rail with blood."

Will Samson lose control? Is Neb cruising for a bruising? Keep watching – same Ark Time, same Ark Channel.

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