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   Samson pops the question
Samson and Martha

Day 9

While the eyes of the world were on the nominations in the crow's nest, Samson took the opportunity to pop the question to the object of his affection, Martha. Although it took the hairy-yet-sensitive one some time to gather up the courage, he finally blurted it out.

Martha, stunned, was called to the Crow's Nest before she could give a reply. A meet up by the swimming pool was arranged, but Martha and Samson, disturbed by John and Paul, were unable to talk things through.

Reactions of the other arkmates varied: for Jezebel, delight that she was witness to some really juicy gossip; for John, disapproval.

Martha, in her diary, expresses some of her doubts and fears: "I WANT to say 'yes', but I also don't want to. How odd for me to be so indecisive! I can't think of anything but him most of the time – his dark eyes, the occasional lapses into primal male behaviour (so adorable even if Neanderthal), the way his muscles ripple, the dense thicket of hair and beard that I long to trim, his thoughtfulness and care... surely this is love... Isn't it?"

Will there be wedding bells on the Ark? Well, no, because there isn't a bell tower. But there may be a wedding, and the only way to find out if it happens... is to stay tuned.

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