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   Esther and John: budding romance?
Esther and John's shower scene

Day 34

The curious relationship between Esther and John took a new twist last night when John revealed he'd had a dream to make Freud blush, and Esther offered lessons in kissing.

The conversation took place in the Crow's Nest and follows several days which have seen a build-up of romantic tension between the Old Testament queen and the New Testament prophet. Things started when John did his dance in the confined space of the Crow's Nest, and "accidentally" tickled Esther.

"I think that invaded your personal space," he observed, only to be told by Esther: "I like it."

Later, when John confessed that he had no experience of Frech kissing, Esther teasingly responded: "I could help you out with that... ha ha ha..."

John then went on to share a dream he'd had the night before in which he was surrounded by his enemies, all of them armed with axes. But when they got their axes out, they were "floppy".

"And yours," asked Esther?

"When I grabbed my axe from my belt," said John, "it had become a plough!"

Esther switched into analysis mode: "This dream is about YOU being brave and rooting out your TRUE desires... with your plough," she opined. "Now you can stand up to all those floppy axes with your big strong plough," she added admiringly.

The Crow's Nest exchange comes after Esther had confided her confusion over John in her diary.

"I really don't understand a lot of what goes on under that headband," she wrote. "People talk about me being hot and cold, but really, sometimes John's mood swings leave me spinning."

This was precipitated by a conversation between John and Esther on Thursday. As the two of them larked about in the shower together, Esther teased John about them sharing a shower. John was not amused: "I respect you too much to pay that any attention. You don't need to cheapen our friendship by making remarks about love and romance."

"When you love someone, it doesn't cheapen anything," she responded.

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