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Esther and Simon

Day 6

God took a hand in the deadlock between Simon Peter and Esther last night, as the Almighty gave Peter a good old ear-bashing about his sexist behaviour.

Simon originally seems to have taken it as a joke, although God soon impressed on the apostle that humour was not on the cards (God: "I am not amused." Simon: "Sorry, God... Is Jesus?" God: "No").

Determined to make amends, Simon sought out Esther and John – the three of them are running this week's divine service onboard the Ark – only to find that Esther had decided to forgive Simon anyway. This is how Esther put it in her diary: "If I hear any more of his apologies I might not want to talk to him ever again, so I'd better forgive him fast."

Unsurprisingly, they didn't hug. Simon still has some doubts: "Do you think she's really forgiven me?" he asked the others. Has she? There's only one way to find out the answer.

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