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   Paul volunteers for the plank
Paul on deck with the ladies

Day 28

In the crow's nest today, Paul revealed that he'd rather volunteer to walk the plank than see another of the arkmates go. "I feel terrible having to nominate them off," Paul revealed. "Could I take the plank next time and give them more time together?"

God: "No."

Paul continued: "11/12s of us are going to go. At least the others get to hang around longer, and I think it says something about friendship and love."

God refused to allow Paul to go. "What does that prove?" asked the Deity. "I mean, it sounds like you're wimping out, to be honest."

Paul's continued protests ("What matters... caring for others? Or looking out for Number One?") also fell on deaf ears.

"That's a false dichotomy," replied the Almighty. "Taking care of others sometimes means making the huge sacrifice and leaving. Sometimes it means staying. Situational ethics, ain't they grand?"

Will Paul walk the plank anyway? In the next show, we get to see who will be the next two people nominated for the plank. Paul may get his wish.

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