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   Paul admits to having fun
Paul on Day 26

Day 26

The apostle Paul seems to have been struggling recently with correct standards of behaviour on the Ark: how does one express love to a pagan queen who died 600 years before you were born? How do you exhort the people of Corinth to avoid spam and high-fructose corn syrup with a clean conscience when you're lusting after another arkmate?

Well. Paul now faces another obstacle, as he finally admits that some of his recent inappropriate behaviour has been great fun. "Was serenading Neb and Martha in a hideous duet with Simon Peter and the radio godly?" he writes. "It was an act of non-violent resistance to the powers that have denied us food for all these weeks. But it was also SO MUCH FUN!"

He continues: "Then MC-ing the variety show yesterday, and egging Esther and Jez on in their Jerry Springer show impression... (although I am still clear that Jerry Springer, in general, is NOT godly!) But it was also SO MUCH FUN!"

Will Paul get a grip on himself, or will we see a more laid-back, fun-loving apostle? Stay tuned to find out.

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