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Nebuchadnezzar is no stranger to the spotlight. Here's a list of his celebrity appearances, plus some of the best books, movies and websites about him – together with handy links so you can go searching and shopping.
Celebrity Appearances

Neb is centre-stage in Nabucco, Giuseppe Verdi's first big-time hit opera. He has starring roles in the biblical films Slaves of Babylon (1953) and Jeremiah (1998). He also appears with his golden idol in the Louis Armstrong song, Shadrack.

The 1st-century Jewish writer Josephus described how Nebuchadnezzar captured the city of Jerusalem in his book, "Jewish Antiquities". He was apparently invited into the city by the trusting king, promising not to conquer it. Then treacherously, "he slew such as were in the flower of their age, and such as were of the greatest dignity, together with their king Jehoiakim, whom he commanded to be thrown before the walls, without any burial."


The Pride of Babylon: The Story of Nebuchadnezzar
Warren Way
Order from the UK or US


The Bible – Jeremiah (2000)
Director: Harry Winer
Order from the US only


Giuseppe Verdi
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