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   Day 24: Neb walks the plank!
Neb and Peter

Day 24

He may have conquered half the known world and have enough concubines to fill several football stadiums – but Nebuchadnezzar has failed to conquer his fellow arkmates and the Ark's audience, and was voted out tonight.

Four arkmates were up for eviction in this latest cull: Esther, Maggie, Neb and Samson, but Neb received 35 percent of the public vote, putting him six points ahead of Maggie, who received almost 29 percent.

We can now reveal that the mighty ruler who declared himself to be a god as soon as he walked onboard the Ark was played by Peter Ould, who lives in Oxford, UK, and is currently training to be a priest in the Church of England. Before going to theological college, he spent several years working in London in the credit scoring industry.

When asked why he chose to play Nebuchadnezzar on the Ark's voyage, Peter replied: "I thought he was a great character to play – he had an even bigger ego than I do! He's entertaining... he rules half the world and acts like it, too."

Peter also revealed that some of his most enjoyable moments onboard were spent in the Crow's Nest, talking with God. "That was when Neb was at his best. He was SO real at that moment. Some of the conversations in the Crow's Nest were actually quite cool," he said.

When he's not waking up barely in time to do Morning Chapel, Peter can be found indulging his love of mixing prog house and trance music, and watching his extensive DVD collection.

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