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   Neb wins chat-up line contest

Day 21

In the bar today, the male arkmates turned on the charm with a vengeance. Gabe explained that prizes would be given to either John, Neb, Paul or Simon if they could produce the best chat-up line.

Under the watchful eye of Ark Angel Gabe, John the Baptist attempted to woo Mary Magdalene with his best attempt at a line, asking her to join him at a road protest. Although Maggie thought it just about passed muster, Gabe wasn't sure: "That's it?" asked the baffled angel.

Paul's victim was Jezebel. His line was somewhat surprising: "You know I've written a lot about women, but maybe you should ask me what I think a woman should leave uncovered." Jezebel was impressed, but said no all the same. "Your previous views on women are not a great starting point," she observed. "@$%*" responded the apostle.

Simon Peter tried Esther: "Esther... did you know I have some anti-freeze in my pockets. I'd love to thaw you out... and melt the ice-queen's heart." Esther was frank: "Calling me an ice-queen NEVER turns me on."

The ultimate winner was Neb, who laid on the charm with a golden shovel: "I rule half the planet," he told Esther, "but if you like, you could be my whole world. How about it?" Having charmed the socks off the queen, Neb now gets to take Esther on a romantic dinner date.

How will it go? Stay tuned. Same Ark time, same Ark channel!

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