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   Divine service threat by Canaanite queen

Day 13

The Ark's divine service tomorrow may come under fire from our two resident heathens, if a plot between Jezebel and Neb comes to fruition.

In a private conversation in the study, Jezebel revealed her evil plan. "Let's spice things up!" demanded the Canaanite Temptress. "Why should we worship their way? Ask questions... heckle... bring a sacrifice..."

Neb was supportive but reluctant to aid directly the scheming queen's designs: "I might come along and watch you. Perhaps you might inspire me."

While Neb revealed that he had not yet been punished for his recent indiscretion, he told that Jezebel that he and God had reached an "impasse". "I say live and let live," he continued.

When Jezebel contemptuously suggested that he go to the service and join in like everyone else, he protested: "Hang on – I like him as a fellow deity! Nothing more. Let them have their service."

Jezebel continued to goad the king: "Maybe we should introduce some of the others to the pantheon around here," she suggested. Neb left the room after a final refusal to aid the queen. Once out of earshot, Jezebel was heard to remark, "Loser."

Will Jezebel wreck the divine service on Sunday for the rest of them? will Neb aid her or warn the others? Stay tuned.

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