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   Neb gives God lip. God "not pleased"
Jezebel and Neb in the dining room

Day 10

Back on Day 9, Eve, Jezebel and Nebuchadnezzar incurred a mild instance of God's wrath when, in defiance of God's instructions to stay upstairs, the three of them instead went out for a swim. In punishment for this infringement, God commanded the three of them to be confined to the dining room for the duration of the show.

While Eve never made it to the dining room at all, Nebuchadnezzar stuck around for the ruling and then, after a brief conversation with Jezebel about Friday's entertainment (which is in their hands), promptly ignored it: "Can't be that impressive a god if he couldn't stop me being in the kitchen."

By the time Neb made it out to the top deck, the Almighty was truly in an Old Testament mood: "What part of 'stay in the dining room' do you not understand, Neb?"

Neb was unimpressed by God's promise of further retribution: "Woooo, I'm scared. What you going to do? Threaten to serve me asparagus?"

And what of Eve? Was she paralysed again, or was she simply not listening? God's command to Eve to go to the dining room met on deaf ears, with Eve even ignoring the advice of Simon Peter to do what the Almighty said. She apologised towards the end of tonight's action, but was it too little, too late?

Sources close to the Almighty confirm that vengeance will be wrought on the culprits, and also on the other arkmates, yea, even all 10 of them. To find out what form that vengeance will take, keep watching.

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