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   Samson and Martha go a-courting
Samson and Martha

Day 10

Samson and Martha continued getting to know each other a bit better yesterday, as love bloomed on the Ark. Sitting together, going for walks together, asking deep and personal questions ("what's your favourite colour?"), they began their hesitant yet inexorable movement towards tying the knot.

Opinions of the lovers vary. While many of the arkmates are happy for them, Neb was typically direct in his assessment of the situation: "Pass me a bucket."

Samson's romantic exploits haven't endeared him to his more laddish arkmate Simon, who, in his diary, writes that Sam is "an utter wuss! Those muscles might look impressive, but they're just for show – he's got the heart of a fluffy bunny rabbit underneath."

Si, there's no romance in your soul.

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*Samson not drawn to scale