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John in the crow's nest

Day 17

John's visit to the Crow's Nest today brought on a whole host of theological speculations, as he engaged the Almighty on irony, impending doom and "woman wisdom" in a lengthy conversation.

John gave some special insights into his view of Paul and their relationship. John still feels resentment at Paul for being "one of THEM - one of Gamaliel's crowd." Although God was reassuring ("You shouldn't confuse Paul with them. You are both My sons"), John was still less than complimentary about the Apostle.

"He's such a professional," replied John. "So ... full of managing it like it's a business operation. I believed in a radical empire. That's what you suggested - a different way - but... it looks like he wants to build his own empire." When asked about what he liked about Paul, he couldn't help but be grudging.

After some to-ing and fro-ing, The Alimghty summed things up in this way: Your vision is different from Paul's, which is different from Moses'... Each prophet carries a different word from me and each prophet must account for delivering it. Paul's word from me is not your word... I am proud and pleased with you both, but not when you each insist that your word is the only word from me...

God: You prepared the way for my Son."

John found this a different pill to swallow: "yes ....but then it seems like Paul took it all over."

God's response was matter-of-fact: "Everyone took it over... Everyone was meant to take it over and make it theirs. Every child in the street... Paul was just one of the first to make it his." God left John with some final advice: "Think of his virtues. Think of him as a fellow prophet."

The transcript of this conversation is available on this page – simply select 7 May and Crow's Nest and click "Read It!"

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