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   Angry prophet spills in Crow's Nest
John the Baptist

Day 8

John the Baptist's turn in the Crow's Nest proved angst-ridden, as the prophet revealed his disappointment with the way the last 2,000 years have turned out.

After having asked the Lord for diet advice (yes, locusts and wild honey do mix carbohydratyes and protein, but God says that's OK), John then got on to his primary concern: in a world where war, famine and violent deaths are everyday facts, what has happened to God's peaceable kingdom?

"I feel well and truly conned," explained the hairshirt-clad one. "Where is it? It doesn't feel like it's in me." John also confessed himself upset at the way Sunday's service turned out. "Your so-called 'Rock' referred the resurrection as a turd in a lavatory bowl!"

The Almighty adopted a placatory tone: "Oh, well. Simon is of the coarser element in society... I have to relate to people where they are, and if they're in the toilet, well, it's icky, but that's where I have to be."

Although calmed a little by this, John continued in his point. Where is the Kingdom? "You call for us to make peace, but I feel so angry and violent here."

Although God's reply was encouraging ("You should be angry at the injustices of this world... I have great plans for you. You make way for my Son"), John's disillusionment would not be silenced. "At what price?... it's worth paying if it's for the sake of the kingdom... but when? And after all this time. It costs, and it hurts."

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