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The search is on for 12 contestants to board an online Ark for 40 days and 40 nights – with a handsome cash prize for the winner. Over 150 people from around the world have applied to become one of our Divine Dozen.

On the main deck, Jezebel is arguing with Moses over the 10 Commandments. Downstairs in the galley, Samson and St Peter are gossiping about who will be next to walk the plank. Meanwhile, on the animal deck below, someone forgot to lock the hutch doors and a massed breakout of gerbils is wreaking havoc in the contestants' cabins...

But what else do you expect when 12 of the Bible's greatest heroes and villains are locked up together for 40 days and 40 nights – with bleating sheep and aromatic skunks for company?

Floating zoo

"The Ark is an internet reality gameshow, set on the world's most famous floating zoo," says Simon Jenkins, editor of shipoffools.com, creators of The Ark. "We're looking for 12 contestants from around the globe to take the craziest voyage of their lives. In the comfort of their own homes, our chosen 12 will spend time every day playing a Bible celeb of their choice on a 3D cyberark – while the world looks on."

The Divine Dozen will play games, complete tasks, overcome crises, discuss big issues of the day and argue over whose turn it is to muck out the gorillas. They can even go into the confessional to talk to "God", who gives them directions and answers their prayers. Sometimes.

Every fourth day, one of the 12 shipmates will be made to walk the plank. They'll be selected by their fellow saints, but the final choice of who takes a running jump will be in the hands of the audience, who vote to keep in their heroes and cast out their zeroes.

After 40 days and 40 nights at sea, 11 sinners will be swimming and just one winner walking – onto Mount Ararat in a blaze of glory.

"We've started building the Ark," says Simon Jenkins. "It's a 3D world with the look and feel of a computer game and is being put together by the team which created the award-winning Osbournes website on MTV. We're creating a gameshow that will put a bunch of tricky characters into a hothouse environment accompanied by lots of fur and feathers – and that hasn't been done since the original Ark hit the water. Theology meets showbiz meets cowpat – and there are no lifeboats."

The Ark and you!

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The Ark is a project of shipoffools.com. It is built by specialmoves.com and funded by Jerusalem Productions.


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