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Moses in the Crow's Nest

Day 4

Moses' stint in the Crows' Nest yesterday was a revelation. Moses – whose relationship with the Almighty has always been formal, to say the least – raised some concerns about who this Jesus guy was. "Simon said he loved you like a... mate"), he told God in shocked tones.

But God reassured Moses with the shock reply: "You're still my favourite."

Moses was surprised and delighted. "Really?!!!!" he gushed. "Me?!!?!!" Wow... famous *and* loved by God!"

But God had one more revealtion up the divine sleeve. "Simon's the boy's favourite." Bible experts have since been dissecting this divine saying and agree that "the boy" must refer to the Son of God.

Read more about our favourite Lawgiver's reaction to this revelation in his Diary.

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