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Welcome to the Ark's store of news and clips from the first sailing. We've arranged the news stories by the weeks in which they happened – just click the week you're looking for below and go exploring.

If you're after news about a particular arkmate, click their portrait in the gallery above. And for animated clips of the Ark's recorded highlights, click this link to go to our clips menu with a complete listing of recordings ancient and modern.
Ark from the air Week 1
This was the week the arkmates settled in, Neb claimed to be a god, Simon infuriated Esther and Paul started writing 3 Corinthians. click here...
Samson and Martha Week 2
There was the first Sunday service, with hair washing, a marriage proposal from Samson to Martha, and the arrival of Jezebel, arkmate No.13, onboard. click here...
the chapel Week 3
Highlights included the opening of the chapel and animal deck, Eve and Moses hitting the plank and Simon leading a game of British Bulldog. click here...
romantic meal Week 4
The best moments included an honest sermon by Martha, wild liturgical dancing, a romantic meal for two, and Neb and Maggie walking the here...
Rexie is ill Week 5
During this week, Simon and Samson went overboard, the arkmates performed Romeo and Juliet, and T-Rex refused to be healed of a mystery sickness. click here...
John, Esther, Martha and Paul Week 6
T-Rex finally died and was given a funeral, Jezebel left the Ark in a raging storm, followed by Martha, Paul and Esther, leaving John as the winner. click here...
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