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   Martha and Mary Magdalene catch up
The sisters talk

Day 7

Maggie and Martha finally managed to have that conversation they've been meaning to have for, oh, about 2,000 years now. Mary revealed that she'd lost Martha's address long ago ("You know how scatterbrained I am"), hence the long break, and that in the meantime she'd moved to Europe and tried preaching.

The conversation quickly got deep. Moving to the kitchen, Martha and Mary quickly got down to deep existential stuff: Is life really just a game that nobody understands? Does God have a sense of humour?

As Martha pondered whether God was playing games or just having fun, Mary summed it up: "You're talking about the entity that invented the platypus."

There was also some speculation on how Jezebel, the new Arkmate, will shape up. Mary commented drily: "given what the wardrobe and makeup people did to me, I hate to think what Jezebel will look like".

Are they right? Will Jezebel be badly dressed? Is God playing games? Will Mary and Martha be around long enough to have more deep-and-meaningfuls? Stay tuned.

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