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OK. Now, to something else you've mentioned – the Ark Talk forum.

Right. That is our bulletin board system devoted to discussion of characters and events on the Ark, as well as debates about some of the issues raised by the characters and events on the Ark.

How do I join in the discussion?

You'll need to register first. Click the "Register" link in the upper right hand corner of the board page and fill in at least the required details. You will not be asked for a password at that time because we require you to have a valid email address on file. Once you've submitted your details, the system will generate a password and email it to the address you've provided. This generally takes only a few minutes, so again: have patience.

I'm not sure about posting on the bulletin boards. Where do I get more information?

There is a separate FAQ for the bulletin boards (you'll see that in the upper right hand corner of the forums as well). Check those first. If you have other questions, read the threads in the Ark Info forum. If your question still isn't answered, post it to the Ark Info forum (either as a new thread or on one of the existing ones).

Will the characters be able to post while they're on the Ark?

No. They each left a message for their fans on the Fan Mail board prior to launch, but they have no board access until each of them is made to walk the plank, or wins the game. Feel free to leave them messages, though, as God and Gabriel will be reading them, and they might give the characters the more interesting messages while they're on board.

What is this Agony Ark thing?

Well, we recognize the collective theological wisdom gathered on the Ark (except for Neb... you can get big cat care tips from him, though), so we decided that we'd let you pick their brains regarding pesky situations you find yourselves in. Just post a message on the dedicated thread in the Fan Mail forum, and if the Ark Agony Aunt takes pity on you and your plight, she just might take your question to the Ark.

Is there any provision for real-time chat?

Yes. There will be a post-action discussion in the Ark Live Chat every night, starting at 11pm UK time.

How do I get into the Live Chat?

Go to the Live Chat launch page. Enter a username and click the "Connect" button. Note: if the name you pick is reserved, or if someone's already using it, you'll get a message telling you to choose another.

I'm in the Live Chat, but I'm still not sure of myself.

Doubts a-plenty, I see. Don't worry, everyone was a newbie at some point. If you're not sure about something, type your question in the text entry box and press "Enter". You'll get a few helpful responses and the rest will be from people who fancy themselves as real wise guys. You'll soon figure out who is what.

I'm clueless about all of this. Is there someone I can contact?

Yes. The contestant and audience liaison is Erin, Ship of Fools' Community Editor. You can contact her via email.

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