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Wait a minute. You said you picked 18 characters, but only 12 are on board. What's up with that?

Well, Noah was getting tired by the time he got to the bedroom, so he quit after constructing twelve beds from scratch. Give the guy a break, he's like 10,000 years old.

Yeah, right. So what's the real story?

Didn't buy that, eh? OK. The real story is that we planned this for 12 characters all along. However, we wanted to give people a wide choice as to who they played, so we offered them a list of 18 biblical celebs. Even then, it was an extremely difficult decision.

So who made the cut again?

In alphabetical order, because Lord knows we've already had enough squabbling about who will be first... Esther, Eve, Job, John the Baptist, Joseph, Martha, Mary Magdalene (Maggie to her friends), Moses, Nebuchadnezzar (aka Neb), Paul, Samson and Simon Peter.

Who's left on the docks, then?

Bathsheba, Daniel, David, Elijah, Jezebel and Jonah.

I bet Jezebel and Jonah took the news well.

Oh, you have no idea. Check out the Ark Talk forum to see just how well they took the news.

So how did you choose the characters?

It wasn't easy. When we announced the Ark would be sailing again, we received over a thousand inquiries from potential players. Once we explained the requirements – a 40-day commitment – we received over 150 serious applications. Contestants went through three rounds of testing. They completed two applications and then there were numerous real time auditions with other applicants. After compiling all the scores, plus evaluating the improvisational skills of the applicants and their availability times, we narrowed it down to twelve applicants.

Twelve? Out of 150+?

Yep. It was very difficult for us, as we had so much fun with all of our applicants. Who knew there were so many people harboring secret desires to play dead Bible people on the Internet? (Hint: not us!)

Who are these people who've taken on these roles?

Uh-uh. No peeking until they're off the Ark. Let's just say that some of the people behind them will surprise you. And we've managed a nice cross-cultural selection of players from Britain, Canada, and the United States. (We are totally bummed about not getting an Australian player, though.)

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*Samson not drawn to scale