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Ship of Fools

The Ark is a project of, "the magazine of Christian unrest" which specialises in religious satire and is home to one of the most lively online religious communities.

The world of the Ark, which combines Shockwave 3D and a multi-user server environment, was created by specialmoves, producers of the award-winning Osbournes website on MTV.

Funding for the Ark was provided by Jerusalem Productions.

The Ark was sponsored by Premier Christian Radio.

The Ark project team includes the following people, with their principal areas of involvement:

Bruce Stanley – game and website design
Catherine Lewis-Smith – contestant management
Chris Taylor – website development
Clare Rishbeth – concept and game plotting
Dyfrig Lewis-Smith – contestant auditions
Erin Etheredge – contestant management
Howard Ingham – contestant support and news stories
Simon Jenkins – concept, project management
Steve Goddard – media and marketing
Steve Tomkins – features and study notes
Stuart Durber – contestant auditions

The Ark theme music is by Sam Goddard

To contact the Ark project, please click below:

Simon Jenkins – editorial
Steve Goddard – media

The Ark © 2003
*Samson not drawn to scale