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   Esther takes final dive from Ark's plank
Esther and Sarah

Day 40

In the 5th century BC, Esther used her position as queen to save the Jews - but no-one came to her rescue tonight as she dived off the Ark's side, runner-up to John the Baptist on the world's first internet reality game show.

And we can now reveal that the Ark's good-time dancing queen with the Matrix kick was played by 22-year-old Sarah Holine from San Diego.

Sarah graduated last June from the University of California in San Diego with a degree in Political Science and a minor in African Studies. She is on staff at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, working with college students.

"I have a wonderful, yet slightly dysfunctional family which I adore," she says. "They've been ever so proud of my achievements on The Ark - and a little confused! But they kind of keep up with it and have cheered me on."

Sarah also has some "irreplaceable friends, a room-mate, and five fish named after the Pentateuch - but no additional significant others."

Her favorites things include hysterical laughter, miracles, lots and lots of ice cream, and good books - "but this list changes almost daily."

"Although I grew up in Carmel, California and have lived in San Diego for the past five years - except for one year spent studying abroad in South Africa - I don't plan on staying in San Diego," she explains. "One day soon I will venture out into the wide world to find some remote place to settle down and do something useful - like talk about Jesus. I would also like to help undo some of the injustice in the world, if I can. I'm still formulating a plan, though."

She recently spoke on Martha at InterVarsity - "but it was more just strait bible and not anything Ark. I'm definitely thinking about using Simon Peter's floater analogy (Simon Peter described the resurrection as a 'floater in the loo - a good man being impossible to keep down'). I think my college students would love it."

Exploring bible characters in a new way, seeing how other people would bring them to life, has been one of the most interesting aspects of the Ark for Sarah.

"My friendships with the arkmates have been enjoyable," she says, "and I guess the creative outlet of the whole thing has been real fun. Being a queen has always been a lifelong dream... and Esther's one of the best. All in all, I feel very lucky to have been onboard, and to have got so far... both complete surprises to me."

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