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Paul and Gabe

Day 39

Facing the plank tonight, Paul revealed in his interview with Gabe that he believes John the Baptist is gay – a feeling partly based on a poem John recited to Paul in the bar earlier which ended with the line, "I think of you with nothing on". Here's the interview, in which Paul also talks about Mags and Simon and his time onboard the Ark.

Gabe: So... how are you feeling?

Paul: Pretty happy, actually. I need to move on. Churches to plant, parties to throw, you know?

Gabe: You've wanted to walk the plank for a long time...

Paul: Weeks and weeks.

Gabe: You've begged God for you to go... why was that?

Paul: It's a long swim to Corinth from here, and getting farther. I'm not that strong. Now John and Esther can coo to their heart's content.

Gabe: Do you think that John and Esther will become more than friends?

Paul: No... John is gay. He felt me up.

Gabe: When?

Paul: In the Crow's Nest today.

Gabe: You sure about that? Might it have been one of those accidents?

Paul: No. It was unappealing to say the least. He wants to see me naked – he said so in the study. I think I'd like to put some distance between us, just to be sure.

Gabe: You're not that way inclined yourself, then?

Paul: No.

Gabe: Sure?

Paul: ESTHER!!!! In that wet dress!!!!

Gabe: What about Esther?

Paul: Ohmigod!!!!

Gabe: Ah... I thought that was just a smokescreen.

Paul: Duct tape straining.

Gabe: You needed to use duct tape?

Paul: Ow! Keep things in place.

Gabe: Yes... painful to remove, I've heard.

Paul: You know it!

Gabe: Aside from that dress, what has been your most pleasant memory on the Ark?

Paul: The fun I had with Simon. I did not expect that. He used to be such a jerk – actually, he still is – but he's fun and a good mate.

Gabe: Who have you been closest too, then?

Paul: Mags. I miss her a lot. She was a good friend and a fellow apostle. Smart woman.

Gabe: Do you have your epistle on you – the 3rd letter to the Corinthians?

Paul: Yes. Waterproofed.

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