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   "John is gay" shock claim from Paul
Paul's last drink

Day 39

In his last interview on board the Ark tonight, Paul revealed to Gabe that he thinks John the Baptist is gay.

Paul (picture above apologising to Esther over a final drink in the bar) dropped this bombshell when asked by Gabe to speculate on whether John and Esther will become more than friends. "No," he stated, blankly. "John is gay."

He then added, "He felt me up. In the Crow's Nest today... It was unappealing, to say the least."

Gabriel, somewhat taken aback by this, asked Paul if it could have been an accident. Maybe John could have just brushed up against him, he speculated.

"He wants to see me naked," Paul insisted, citing John's unfortunate quoting of a humorous poem earlier on in the evening. "I think I'd like to put some distance between us," the apostle finished.

Gabe then asked if Paul was in fact that way inclined himself. Paul denied it, and affirmed that his recurring fixation with Esther and her wet dress when emerging from the Ark swimming pool was completely genuine.

In fact, Paul volunteered Far Too Much Information on this point, including a brief description of a creative use for duct tape.

For Paul's salacious interview with Gabe, click here! – but don't say we didn't warn you.

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