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   Day 40: the final show
The Ark

Day 40

Tonight sees a special live show from the Ark as the creaking vessel finally beaches on Mt Ararat, much to the relief of all concerned. Onboard are Esther and John the Baptist, the two survivors of the 40-day voyage, who have seen 10 of their arkmates disappear off the end of the ship's infamous plank.

One of them will take that final walk down the plank themselves, while the winner will step out onto Mt Ararat, where fame and fortune await them. Here is the order of events so that arkophiles can plan their evening...

These are UK times...

9:30 – Unmasking and live interview with Paul (who walked the plank last night) in the Ark Chat

10:00 – Final show opens on the Ark

10:40 – Runner-up walks the plank

10:50 – Unmasking and live interview with the runner-up in the Ark Chat

11:20 – Back to the Ark for the winner's walk onto Mt Ararat

12:00 – Final unmasking and interview with the winner in the Ark Chat

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*Samson not drawn to scale