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Stormy Ark

Day 35

Despite weather forecasts to the contrary, the Ark yesterday faced its first period of rough weather since it set sail. As rain hammered down and the Ark rocked back and forth, Paul noticed a potentially dangerous breach in the Ark's hull.

Esther expressed a wish to go and see (Paul:"now you know what it does to me when your dress gets wet! It's pouring out there!")

As Paul left to give God his nominations for the plank, John found Esther doubled over. Although protesting that there was nothing wrong ("I'm just praying... right?"), Esther soon admitted that the Ark's violent lurching was making her feel ill.

All three of the Arkmates were drenched during their visit to the Crow's Nest. Will they catch colds? Is the weather going to improve? Is that crack in the hull something to get worried about, or just regular wear and tear? Stay tuned to find out.

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