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Animale Deck

Day 20

The arkmates finally made it down to the lower decks, to find some unexpected inhabitants there.

Among animals from all over the world, including pandas, antelopes, and elephants – the arkmates stumbled across a unicorn and a dinosaur. John the Baptist found the unicorn "a miraculous thing": "I hope it likes being stroked," he mused.

Meanwhile, they were bemused by the surprisingly quiet Tyrannosaurus Rex and worried by the untethered crocodiles. Moses voiced the group's concern: "Is anything tying those crocs in?"

Esther: "Only their consciences, Moses."

Not all of the arkmates are delighted to meet the animals. Paul, for one, is less than happy about the new additions to the crew. In his diary he writes: "I am still much perplexed by my purpose here on this boat. If it is to shovel elephant $#%, then I would like to walk the plank next, please!"

Will the crocodiles behave themselves? Why only one unicorn? And why does the T-Rex look so green about the gills? These questions might be answered in future instalments.

Then again, they might not.

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*Samson not drawn to scale