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Eve and Maria

Day 16

After a final flutter of those famous fig-leaves on the Ark's plank, Eve hastened into Ark Chat for her post-plank interview, where she was revealed to have been played by Maria Vassallo. Her quizzmaster was Ancient Mariner, co-editor of Ship of Fools, who bowled some questions of his own and then threw the interview open to the chat room. Read on for details of Eve's leaves, girly bonding and that infamous massage scene with Samson...

Eve: I have been through some very interesting "where is my life taking me" experiences over Easter.

Ancient Mariner: What sort, Maria?

Eve: Well, meeting Samson of course...

Ancient Mariner: And?

Eve: I had an experience on Maundy Thursday in real life which made me wonder whether I should reconsider what I was doing with my life. Specifically whether I had some sort of calling. I dont have an answer yet.

Ancient Mariner: Hence your questioning God in the Crow's Nest?

Eve: Yep.

Ancient Mariner: Art imitating life?

Eve: I was a bit concerned that people thought Eve was boring and that she was a bit of a goody-goody and needed more of a plot line. It was fun trying to work out something naughty to do with Samson. But it's difficult, you know. Those characters can't actually move very much!

Ancient Mariner: Can you sum up Eve in one word?

Eve: Mischievous.

Ancient Mariner: So what does Samson do now?

Eve: I suspect he goes back to Martha.

Ancient Mariner: Will he succeed, finally?

Eve: In landing Martha? I think that one could go on and on. Jez would be more his type, though.

Ancient Mariner: Maria, the long black hair and dark eyes – there's more than a passing resemblance between you and Eve.

Eve: Not really. I have curly hair, and I wear more clothes.

Ancient Mariner: What did the Ark feel like, in three words?

Eve: Polite ones? Extremely frustrating stuckness. I'll be glad not be spending hours trying to repeatedly log in every night.

Ancient Mariner: Who did you get on with most easily on the Ark – other than Samson?

Eve: Jez – she was fun. Great outfit, too. I thought we complemented each other.

Ancient Mariner: There is surpising lack of girly bonding on the Ark. Why do you think?

Eve: Well, I don't know why that was, but it didn't feel there was particular male bonding either.

Ancient Mariner: Is that down to the format of the show?

Eve: I suppose it would have been nice to have had some facial expressions, but maybe that would be difficult to do. It was more difficult to have long conversations than I thought it would be.

Chorister: I'd like to know which are your favourite apples.

Eve: Coxes.

ferret: Did you have a pre-arranged plan?

Eve: Nope. It was pretty spontaneous. Maybe I should have tried flirting a bit earlier.

Ancient Mariner: Do you walk like Eve in real life?

Eve: Not really, Ancient Mariner!

Simon: When you were virtually flirting with Samson, did it feel like genuine flirting?

Eve: Yes, it did feel real a bit!

Icarus Coot: What did you think when Samson told you to brace yourself against the chair?!

Eve: Erm, Samson and I could not have been naughtier, becasue of the way we were designed, you understand. Very frustrating!

clare: Eve, were you troubled by your low-slung bum? More exercise needed, maybe?

Erin: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

Kelly A: I liked her bum.

Eve: I was okay with my bum, clare.

Icarus Coot: She looked fairly good sitting on the edge of the pool I thought... if one is permitted to speak so about pixels.

Eve: I clearly had a bod designed for sin... and dressed for it, too.

Simon: What tattoo would you have liked to have to match Jez's?

Eve: An apple with a bite out.

Simon: How much time has being Eve taken up, Maria?

Eve: An hour or two a day, but it seemed like more because of what else was happening in my life.

clare: Did you ever dream about Eve?

Eve: Nope, no dreams.

clare: But no doubt the subject of many!

Simon: Job... were you ever tempted by Eve?

Job: Of course... everybody was the first time we saw the outfit.

Eve: Was fun wearing that outfit *regretfully*.

Simon: We were going to run a vote... Eve has to lose one of her 4 leaves... which one do you want her to lose?

Eve: You could have different leaves arranged different ways.

Sarky Cow: Why *four* leaves? In all the Bibles, it's only three...

Eve: I guess Eve had the cheapest outfit

Simon: Those were expensive tropical leaves we had shipped in, you know...

Eve: I think she acquired more rear leaves as she went on. Maybe the leaves were still growing.

Simon: No, she always had four leaves.

Eve: Someone thought I had more rear coverage later in the run.

Simon: What would you have liked as a second outfit, then, Eve?

Eve: Maybe some red leaves?

clare: Mind you – Martha has been the most sustained love interest in the most boring clothes possible.

Sarky Cow: Praps she's found the kneeling action, clare?

Ancient Mariner: Prayer, Sarky meant.

Simon: Fervent prayer.

Eve: It was so difficult to find a way to be naughty with Sam!

Simon: You managed pretty well with the wall, Eve.

Eve: We couldn't take any more clothes off. We couldn't actually touch.

Kelly A: Went out with a bang, eh?

Eve: We couldnt bang!

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