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   Simon asks: is God a fan of irony?

Day 19

Simon Peter's recent bout of self-doubt took a new turn yesterday, as he took his problem to the Crow's Nest. A chance comment from John the Baptist a few days ago that the name given to him by Jesus – "Peter", meaning "rock" – was ironic has precipitated a crisis in Simon.

"I've noticed that lately I've not been that solid (especially my abs)," explained the apostle. God's reply was matter of fact: "Try more crunches."

Simon, trying again, laid his insecurities bare: Well, I'd always thought I was a solid type of bloke. I speak my mind, I get in trouble for being frank. But lately... I dunno. I've just gone to pieces."

The Almighty proved down-to-earth once again: "A rock does have its down sides, you know," he told the troubled Fisher of Men. "Solid, tough, dependable... but also inflexible, ungiving, painful if you hit up against it. Rock is just an accurate name for you, Simon Peter."

"You want me to tell you what your job is here?" the Deity added. "Well tough. I'm not going to tell you. You have to work these things out for yourself. You're not a baby anymore."

Peter, trying once more to make sense of things, asked if there was a reason. Yahweh was, yet again, gnomic: "That is for you to find."

Will Simon Peter get over his crisis, or will he leave the Ark a mess of insecurities? Stay tuned – same Ark time, same Ark channel.

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