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Day 18

The Ark's third round of nominations for the plank today brought surprises to the mix, as Samson and Moses find themselves on the edge of getting very damp.

Moses and Samson each received four votes from the arkmates. While Mags and Esther nominated the Lawgiver because they don't feel they know him that well, John the Baptist felt that he was doing the patriarchal one a favour, rescuing him from the "demons that plague him".

Paul, on the other hand, feels that Moses is quite simply superfluous: "If we don't need the law anymore, why do we need a lawgiver? " Paul also nominated Simon Peter: "Because it wouldn't be a plank vote without him."

Samson, meanwhile, got his votes for his behaviour after Martha said "no." Jezebel put it succinctly: "If he hits on anyone else, I'm going to hit him."

In a surprise development, the casting vote for the Ark's Sensitive Strongman to walk the plank was made by his erstwhile almost-fiancee, Martha.

"I admit it's partly because he's making me feel uncomfortable, but his behaviour has also made me wonder about his motives for proposing to me in the first place. And what those motives might say about him personally."

When it came out that Samson was going to be one of the two possible plank-walkers, Martha was visibly affected. Will Samson discover who voted for him? Will he be the one to walk? Vote here.

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