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The announcement

Day 15

When the Ark Angel Gabriel appeared in the living room today, the tidings he brought were not what the arkmates expected: "They're not exactly of great joy, but they're tidings nonetheless," he explained. It turned out that due to a vandalised voting booth and the suspicion of vote-rigging, the "walk the plank" result could not be given.

Concerns were raised by various arkmates as to what this might mean. "Dimpled chads!" exclaimed Paul, clearly imagining some judicial jiggery pokery of the kind alleged to have happened in Florida a couple of years back. "Hanging chads!" he added. Meanwhile, Moses raised concerns about God's omnipotence, although assurances that even crooked voters have free will allayed his fears somewhat.

In the crow's nest, Moses asked God about it. "I thought if you were omnipotent, you'd know..." he enquired.

God's reply was not reassuring. "You know how I'm omnipotent? Well, hackers and crackers are just shy of that. At least, in cyberspace." The voting period has been extended, and question of whether Eve or Simon will be facing the plank will be delivered to the arkmates on Tuesday.

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